How I Raised My Impact & My Income WHILE Living My Dream Life!

A successful business does NOT have to mean sacrificing your personal life!


I’ve Been Where You Are, Now Join Me Where I AM!

Hi, I’m Erinn. I’m a Master Mindset & Sales Coach!

When I started my first business over a decade ago, I thought my income and impact were directly related to how much I worked. 

So, I worked 15 hour days, endlessly hustling to book more clients because that was the only way to earn a livable, full-time income. 

(So I thought.)

But, the reality is, 60-70 hour weeks and no days off is NOT living your dream!  

So instead, I discovered the best of both worlds: Working part-time hours and generating full-time revenue!

Once I owned my value in a strategic way, I was able to capitalize on my time and streamline my business to work smarter, not harder.

I hit 6 figures in that first business in just under 2 years - while working part time hours! 

And, I didn’t stop there. 

I went on to co-develop a real estate empire with my husband that has allowed us to whip out our checkbook and pay off ALL of our debt, purchase our dream home, take vacations around the world, and spend more quality time together and with our daughter, Ava.

If that wasn’t enough… I pursued my coaching certification and career - which is now a 6-figure success, too.

In the last decade, I hit my 6-figure dreams THREE times with three different businesses.

Believe me, this is all possible for YOU too! 


Now, I’m here to share the SAME EXACT process that helped me build THREE 6-figure businesses AND 14x my revenue - so you can scale your impact and income without working overtime!

My Three Core Values

I believe in staying true to ourselves, our purpose, and others.
I believe we’re here to radically change the world.
Rich women will change the world. I believe that money is the vehicle to help us leave a legacy.

7 absolute favorites of mine…

  1. My daughter, Ava.
  2. My sweet hubby, Brent.
  3. Boat life in Michigan.
  4. Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon.
  5. Anthropologie Volcano Candles.
  6. Bright lipstick. 
  7. Last but never least, the women I coach.
I’ve been at the wheel of three businesses that were successful beyond my wildest dreams all while having the free time to actually enjoy it! Now, I’m on a mission to help women entrepreneurs like you to STOP OVERWORKING SO YOU CAN MAKE MORE MONEY - WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOUR INTEGRITY OR SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE!
Yes, I am ready to scale my business!


My coaching programs are designed to help you shift your relationship with money so you can attract more of it, abandon imposter syndrome to own your worth, and strategically build a 6-figure empire in as little as 6 months.
Girl, we are SO DONE with 60-hour weeks!


In the Uplevel Society, you’ll find amazing solopreneurs just like you who are succeeding on their own terms. I will hold your hand and walk through everything you need to massively grow your confidence as a female solopreneur and create thriving business strategies that lead straight to 6-figures!

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