About Erinn


I love that you are on this page because it means we both love scrolling the about section to really feel a connection with those we might work with. I’m just an average gal with massive dreams and the audacity to say I deserve them. I used to believe that success only came to those who suffered by working really long hours, filled with question marks and even dread. I knocked on doors 13 hours a day, launched 5 different random ways to make money in my new business & had sacrificed all my weekends with 20 hours of work.


Through my decade of entrepreneurship, I’ve learned what works and feels fulfilling. Now I’m passionate about taking my lessons to skyrocket women to new levels of clarity, personal belief and wealth that you deserve. 




1.  My sweet hubby, brent

2.  Boat Life in Michigan

3. Bright lipstick

4. winking owl cabernet sauvignon

5. Anthropologie Volcano Candles


Okay, if you want the tight, professional BIO too you’ve got it:


Erinn is an expert girlboss business coach, podcaster & networking genius.

Her dream & mission behind her coaching is to empower female entrepreneurs to create the beauty they are intended to bring the world through up-leveling their personal and business growth.

After accumulating 1,000s of hours in sales experience, finishing in the top 10 amongst 100s nationwide with direct sales, and scaling her own creative empire to a 6-figure brand she is thrilled to empower others to rise to their potential.

With her expertise, alongside her StrengthsFinder coaching certification she works intentionally with female entrepreneurs ready to uplevel their mindset and revenue through her business coaching program.

She lives in a 1950’s home in Indianapolis, that she renovated by hand alongside her husband Brent, who is her biggest fan and best friend.

You’ll find her with a smile on her face anytime she’s exploring new foods, bike riding or lake livin’.

Cheers to making the world a more beautiful place.

Let’s connect on Instagram, I’d love to support you.