3 Ways to Improve Your Photography Game!!


Hey Girl! I see you snapping photos 30 times with your Iphone, hoping to get a good shot. I see that DSLR camera on the shelf collecting dust because there are so many buttons and so little time. I’m here for you!! :-)

Images are life these days.

Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging; we are a visual generation driven to purchase based upon what we see- and we have high standards!

Whether you are a momma wanting to take beautiful photos of your babes, an adventurer who loves capturing the cities they travel, or an entrepreneur developing your brand, photography is a needed skill. Captivating images are crucial to jazz up your social platforms, especially if you are running your own businesses. I’m not sure if you are like me, but I will scroll through an Instagram feed for 2-3 seconds before choosing whether or not I am a fan and want to follow, or if I’ll pass and go to the next person. Imagery must stand out.

Photography Tips Since I have been a professional photographer for 5 years now, and I know this is a part of the blog that hopefully has captured your attention and drawn you into the story of many amazing women, I wanted to share just a few tips in how to become a better photographer. I am going to advocate that you learn how to use your camera. I no longer post any images on my Instagram feed that have been taken with my phone. I have 2-3 seconds to capture my soon-to-be follower, so I have to put in the work to make it count. So I grab my camera, take the shot, edit the shot, export the shot, and upload the shot. (Not to be confused with takings lots of shots…oh dear) Photography Tips

Below are 3 ways to drastically improve your shot game :-). I am so passionate about helping women grow their brand, Brent and I are opening our home next week for our first ever 2 hour workshop! There, budding photographers will learn even more in depths skills, with hands on practice alongside our coaching. It will be an intimate setting so you can have more one-on-one help! We would love for you to join and only have 3 seats left! Click here to register!

Photography Tips

3 Ways to Take Your Photography Game to the Next Level

Aperture Priority

Try shooting in Aperture priority. This is one step away from auto, and one step closer to manual. There should be a setting on your dial “AV,” or something similar on top of your camera. When shooting single objects or 2 or less people keep your aperture at 1.8 or 2.0. Make sure everything is on the same depth of field so that you keep your subject in focus and you incredible bokeh for your background. (huh?) Okay, you are asking what the heck is bokeh, right? Like am I speaking French. Its that beautiful look you love in photos created by the blur of the out-of-focus parts of an image.

Photography Tips See how their shoes are in focus and the rest of them is blurred? This is an artistic way to use aperture!!
Photography Tips Look at that beautiful bokeh background with the city lights blurry!


Might sound easy, but it is what takes photos from okay to OKAAAYYYY.  SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE. The purpose of the background of a photo is to set the stage and draw your eye into the focus of the image. If you are shooting in your kitchen for example, move out all mobile appliances so they aren’t in the background taking away from your image. Unplug cords, throw away that pop can, so you aren’t doing a ton of work in post edit.

There were cords coming down from the window sill that I unplugged. I still wanted this photo to look like she was in a kitchen, but made sure it was not too busy.
When photographing people against a wall or other flat surface, make sure your subjects are at least 5 feet away from the background. You want them to be in focus and the wall to be blurred in the background. (Which will happen with your use of aperture like we chatted about above).
Photography Tips The brick background is setting the tone for this picture, but not taking away from the subjects because of the use of aperture. Be sure to have them step 5 feet away from their background
Invest in some white foam board. Set one sheet on top of a crate or table  (that gets it a foot or two off of the ground) and then a board perpendicular as the background right next to a window. Put your product or object that you want to photograph in the center of this lovely ora of white. Shoot at an angle where all you are getting is the white as your surfaces and the light from the window is bouncing off of your white background. See Pinterest for examples here. This will not only bring your focus to the object you are photographing, but the white will help bounce the light and bring an airy feel to your image.
Photography Tips These photos were taken using two pieces of white foam board or poster board.
Photography Tips


I could probably talk about this for far too long. So I am going to try to keep it concise. NATURAL LIGHT is your best friend. Plan ahead- If you know you want to post something for your Instagram feed, midnight is not the right time to snap that image. If your house is dark, take your object outside- you have control of your setting so move those feet and find the best light.  

Photography Tips I started shooting these indoor at a restaurant but didn't like how dark the image on the left was turning out and how the light was bouncing off the jars-- so I took them outside! See the difference in the photo on the right?
Photography Tips I decided to actually set up this photo outside as I wanted to take advantage of the morning light.
You don’t always have to go outside of course, if you have good light that comes into your house from windows. Allow the light to stream across the image, or fill the space of the room, don't shoot the object with the strong light source right behind it as it will wash out your photo. The examples below will show what I mean! 
Photography Tips In the left photo the window is set up to the left of the subject thus the light coming across her face and giving it some depth. The photo on the right is shot with the window behind me so the light is filling the whole space.
Golden light is what takes your breath away in particular with portrait work. Look at the time of the sunset for the day and shoot an hour to 30 minutes before the sun sets- that is how you get that golden romantic hue that only Mother Nature can bring! Photography Tips

Life behind the lens is not just learning how to touch a button on a nice camera. (Having a nice camera does not mean you can take nice photos!!) There’s a whole art to knowing how to manage your camera settings, which lens to use for the effect you are going for, how to pose your subject(s), what angles are best, how to craft, how to manage post production etc etc etc. We have been so fortunate to create a business over the past 5 years where we have fine-tuned our skills. We are over the moon that we get to start helping others document with skills and intentionality. If you are eager to grab that camera and make it work for you, then clear your schedule for Tuesday evening and join me at my home! I will have a glass of wine poured just for you! Photography Tips

To register for the workshop please click here. If you have further questions if this is the right choice for you, don’t be shy girl- send me an e-mail! :-) I mean we look pretty approachable right?! (Our sweaty selves at a wedding! HAHA!) Photography Tips


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