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Know your WHY. I'm going to get to that in just a hot second. But first my monthly Favorites + Finds! You can catch this month's phone background on my Instagram stories here!

Favorites + Finds

Summer Bridgebox

Custom Fringe Earring by Chival Jewelry Website | Instagram | FB

But seriously how darling are these earrings? Not only is Sarah, the maker of these gems, the sweetest soul, but she has some crazy beading talent. She made these fringe earrings custom to fit the pattern of the Bridging Herstory brand. Let's just say that I am in love. Sarah's passion for making jewelry started when she was 16, and always craved learning new skills and techniques to make beautiful pieces. Each piece is specifically prayed over and a handwritten letter is included in each package sent out, sharing how God has made each and every person beautiful in His image. Also, 10% of her profits go to a local organization in Indianapolis that helps women leave human trafficking situations. We knew you would be in love too so Sarah generously is offering $20 off your first pair of earrings, use BRIDGING20 through July. You can also mention this promotion to here via email @ Summer Bridgebox

Leather Planner by Transcending Waves Website | Instagram | FB

Check out this new planner that Transcending Waves sent me! Its a planner based in positive psychology (as a Strengths Finder Coach I am all about this!) I'm really excited to give this a go after the whirlwind past few weeks that I have lived, it feels like it will bring a meditative approach to my weeks and days. Want to snag one for yourself? You can order and get 10% off using code bridgingherstory10

Things I love about this planner:

1. There are no dates so you can decide when you start and if you get off track- you can re-start with a new date again!  2. LOOOVE the morning plan and nightly review piece- it's a different approach than most planners. Too often we set goals & agendas and forget to review at the end of the day - love this holistic approach 3. Love the positive & holistic attitude. You start your day listing your day listing your gratitude, what you are excited about- what a fun space to put your mind in. It also has a space to put your workout, a specific challenge and what's on your mind. I've never seen a planner so specific to look at the full self! Summer Bridgebox

Water Color Print by Life in Gineral | Instagram |

I mean GORGEOUS. This beautiful watercolor speaks for itself. Ginger has talent and I'm so thankful to have this piece in my office. Not only am I in love with the colors that match my brand, but knowing that it was made by hand by an incredibly talented female artist makes it the PERFECT addition to my office. Follow her on Instagram!! You won't regret it!

Now to those "Thoughts from Erinn"...

Know your WHY

Summer Bridgebox

Know your WHY. Its a crucial thing in the rocky, exciting land of entrepreneurship. It also changes and involves throughout time. But when you go through the journey of understanding the foundational purpose for why you do what you do in your business it gives you the stamina and positivity that you need moving forward throughout the victories & defeats of this small business game.

My WHY behind the Bridgebox comes from the heart of why I started Bridging Herstory in the first place. Its purpose is to bring inspiration to women and build up and empower the female entrepreneur. As I continue to grow and sift through my whys and the implementation of my purposes,  Bridging Herstory has morphed and changed. I have edited and revised my business plan, my blog, my content and my brand. But the heart stays the same. Summer BridgeboxYeah. I make money with the Bridgebox. But let me be honest, when I am packing the 157th box and getting in the weeds of printing shipping labels, making money is just NOT enough. I could make money doing a lot of other things and probably a lot more MULAH with a lot less effort. But my WHY drives me forward. Supporting local small business women, bringing happy mail to the doorsteps of women across the nation, knowing that you are being developed and inspired by the box- that is my WHY.

My WHY could change someday. Or the way that I execute my WHY could look different than how it does on May 31st, 2018, but staying a-tuned and in alignment with your purpose is what will bring the most fulfilling life and business. Summer Bridgebox Summer Bridgebox

Of course, as my people, I want to invite you to check out the full reveal of the summer bridgebox and decide for yourself if this is something you’d like to invest in. I’ve been doing some sneak peaks through Instagram but you can check out the full box here!

Want to try it just one time? Thinking it might be the perfect give for a girlfriend? Are you ready to get happy mail on your doorstep that empowers each season? I would love for you to support my WHY and order here. As a member of the BH family I wanted to do something special, so use the exclusive coupon code SUMMERSHIP to get free shipping off your box through orders placed by the end of the weekend! (code expires Sunday 6/2 @ midnight). Order Here! 

And there’s no pressure. If you choose to order or you pass, know that I am grateful that you are here. Grateful that you believe enough in my WHY to allow me to enter your inbox. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Now keep rocking that WHY in your life and business!

All my love!

Summer Bridgebox

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I love the "citrusy" theme of the summer box! I've already treated myself to a few hours of candle burning - lovely fragrance! And, I'm excited to use my canvas bag!
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