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6 Tips for creating Facebook & Instagram Ads

Today we are talking about 6 tips for creating Facebook & Instagram Ads. This feature is packed full of amazing social media content and strategy so get your favorite beverage, a comfy chair and a notebook!!

The best way to make Facebook and Instagram Ads

Meet : Katy McCoy, Social Media Marketing Strategist 

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Hey everyone! My name is Katy McCoy, and today we’ll be chatting all things social media advertising. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Ads? What! I’m already confused!” I hear ya girl! Ads can be such a drag. Before we get started, let’s take a breath, get to know each other, and then we’ll dive into the good stuff. Sound good?!

Nerding Out About Online Advertising...

Believe it or not, I didn’t always nerd out over online advertising. In fact, I used to avoid it! As an Event Planner turned Creative Marketing Director, ads were completely daunting to me. I mean, understanding the ins and outs of every social media platform is one thing, but paying for social media posts? I honestly didn’t get it! And then I did my research. After completing multiple different online courses, reading countless articles, and with no shortage of trial and error, I must admit that I am now a firm believer in the power of online advertising! Which bodes well considering that since discovering the power of online advertising, and many other marketing tools, I became the Founder + Creative Director of Lemonayde Digital Marketing.

Now maybe I should clarify - learning about online advertising isn’t what inspired me to start my business. In fact, the inspiration for my business didn’t come from a book, a webinar, an article, or anything of the sorts. Actually, it was a conversation with a musician-turned-restaurant owner in Puerto Rico that lit my fire and propelled me into the crazy world of entrepreneurship. I remember coming back from that trip and replaying that specific conversation in my head for at least a month before having the courage to bring up my lingering thoughts about starting a business to my other half.  Is it the average ‘eureka’ moment? Probably not, but that’s completely and totally okay. What makes entrepreneurship so special in my eyes is that each and every one of us has a unique, powerful story to share about how we arrived where we are today!

Psst.. it would mean so much to me if you’d tell us in the comments what led you to pursue your entrepreneurial journey! I’m telling y’all, I get downright giddy over this stuff!

Anyhoo, let’s get back to talking ads! I trust you’ve got your coffee in hand - or wine if that’s more your style – and you’re ready to learn!  Before we dive into specifics, let’s remind ourselves to take a deep breath. The tips and tricks I’m going to share are based on my personal experience with social media advertising, and although I’ve found success with these methods, I encourage you to test and alter them however needed to find what works best for you and your business!

6 Tips for creating Facebook & Instagram Ads

Tip One: Know Your Target Audience For Social Media

You know you need to advertise to promote your new service/product/event, but do you know who you want to see your ad? Whether you plan on advertising via Instagram or Facebook, you have the ability to set-up your ad to be shown to a specific gender or age in a specific location. Even better, you can create an ad that targets people with specific interests and people who already follow you on Instagram and/or Facebook. Pretty cool, eh? Now, let’s chat about what a targeted AD could look like. Let’s say I’m an event planner and I need to get the word out about my DIY Flower Crown Workshop for brides. For this specific event, I’ll be partnering with a local florist.  In this case, my target audience should include my current followers and the florists’ followers, as well as new brides that are local to Indianapolis. How will I go about targeting new brides, exactly? Well, there are a few different ways to do this. First, I might simply target local females between 18-45 who are interested in wedding planning. Then, I may get more specific and target females who are interested in The Knot’s content, as well as local popular spots for new brides. Local Gals: Think LUXEredux, Marie Gabriel Couture, Gallery Pastry Shop, etc.  Now, my ad will be shown to people who fit my desired target market based on the specifications I’ve made. Remember, specifying interests is the best way to ensure your ad is shown to the right people who will likely be interested in you and what you’re selling! Whew! Still with me? Tip One is the longest, but certainly the most important step. Knowing your target audience allows you to build a stronger, more relevant ad campaign that will ultimately lead to you finding and attracting your ideal customer. And c’mon, who can complain about that!?

Tip Two: Facebook & Instagram Captions: Keep it Simple!

Have you ever heard of the K.I.S.S method? If I were to guess, you probably heard it first sometime around your 6th Grade English Class but couldn’t stop giggling at your teacher because they had just called everyone in your class stupid. No? Just me? Ah... I get it, I get it. Anyhoo, let’s apply the same thought process to captioning your ads. We want our caption to be attention-grabbing, and we know that we have a small amount of time to make this happen. Typically, you’ll hear that your caption needs to be short, effective, and actionable. While all of these things are true, the most important thing to remember is to keep your copywriting actionable. A clear call to action in your caption is one of the most important pieces of online advertising, but there’s no need to overthink it! We can remind our target audience to take the action we want them to by utilizing action words such as try, now, get, start, and save. This will help them make a decision quickly, and including an expiration date or time limit such as ‘offer ends today’ will help create a sense of urgency – ultimately leading to more sales for you!  

Tip Three: Sell It, Girl!  

Alright, gals, we’ve discussed how to attract your ideal audience, we’ve narrowed down what to focus on in your caption, so now let’s talk about the why.  Now, this isn’t why you should be advertising online, but rather WHY someone in your target audience should buy from you. Are you the best photographer in Indianapolis? Great. So now tell us WHY your target audience should hire you. What’s in it for them? Your advertisement should communicate the benefit of your service/product/event clearly and effectively. Combine a clearly stated benefit with a killer call to action, and well, you’ve made magic my friends!

Tip Four: Choose the Right Photos for your Audience!

Easier said than done? Absolutely. Possible? Of course! One thing often overlooked when it comes to online advertising is the ability to test multiple ads for the same amount of money. Yep, that’s right! Let’s say you plan to spend $10 on Facebook Ads, and you’re not sure which photo to use. You have the ability to test multiple photos (and captions), without overspending your budget of $10 a day. You may be thinking, ‘What?! That is Possible?’ The answer is yes, my friends. Your daily ad spends on Facebook and Instagram is to access a particular audience. You remember that ideal target audience we discussed earlier, right?! When you create multiple ads to show to your specific target audience, you can see which photo/caption combination worked best with your audience, feeling confident when it’s time to put a larger budget behind the ad!  

Tip Five: Don’t Be a Stranger!

Have you ever come across an ad from someone you follow on Instagram, reminding you of their upcoming workshop, new course, or new product discovery? If you’ve been tuning into their daily Instagram story and keeping up with their posts, the ad will likely sound familiar and more like a reminder. However, if you haven’t heard from this person in a while (or ever), it may seem random and irrelevant. Although you can (and should) reach people outside of your current following, it’s important to remember that we need to continue to nurture our organic audience. Hint: Posting regularly and engaging with your audience daily prior to a campaign will lead to better results, period. By introducing the ad content to your organic audience before beginning a campaign, you can test their reactions to the content and familiarize them so that they are more likely to engage when they see the advertisement.

Tip Six:  Entice, Then Convert

You now know what elements make up killer Facebook and Instagram ads, but do you know how to ensure your ad converts your target audience into real life, paying customers? I could go on and on about this particular topic, but we’ll save the nitty-gritty for another post! Here’s a simple tip to remember: Finish the Sale. Whether you’re sending your target audience to a sign-up form, ticket sales page, or product page; be sure to remind them of your WHY, the benefit they’ll receive from working with/buying from you, and how your product/service/event will help them. Don’t skip this step! It’ll likely be the one thing separating an ad that entices versus an ad that converts. Alright Y'all, how are we feeling? Maybe you started with a coffee and switched to wine midway through? Hey, I get it, girl! It’s a lot of information, and I want you to know, I don’t expect you to be an expert after one blog post. I learn something new about advertising online every day, and as I said earlier, advertising on social media looks a little different for each and every business! And hey, if you found this helpful, I think I may have a little something you’ll love! I’ve been working on some worksheets to help you tackle online advertising with confidence and ease, and I’d love to give you a sneak peak. Just drop your name and email here (link to email signup), and we’ll be on our way to creating ads that reach our ideal audience and turn them into paying customers! The best way to make Facebook and Instagram Ads


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