How to Improve your Instagram Stories


how to improve your instagram stories

How to Improve your Instagram Stories

As a female entrepreneur, it's important to get quick content that will grow your business and doesn't drain your time, that's why we are talking about how to improve your Instagram stories today with some concise points. Get ready for some awesome tools, tricks, and tips to make your Instagram stories more lovely and engaging. Our goal through this new series with Bridging Herstory is to empower the boss babe through concise, ready-to-implement content.

Instagram stories are clearly important in this entrepreneur life. It's the way that we can keep our Instagram feed a bit cleaner and curated, but have people feel connected and involved without having to be so refined. I love using stories on my Instagram to connect more "real-life" with my audience and to share the "behind-the-scenes" of my business. Generally, though, I think we are moving more and more away from just uploading a picture and video that you snap with your iPhone and sticking it onto stories. Putting a little more creative flair into stories will not only help you stand out, it will continue that brand consistency, and just make things pretty. And who doesn't like "pretty"? Here are just a few tips to "up" your Instagram Story game!

Apps to Consider for Instagram Stories

Three of my favorite apps for Instagram stories are Pic Fitter, Photoshop Mix & Unfold. From Left to Right are the above graphics you can create for your stories with this application. PicFitter is great for putting a photo or video into your stories that you want to squish down and have a white border around the image/video for text. Photoshop Mix is a part of the Adobe suite (so you can use your Adobe login with this app) and you can create collages with photos (no video for this app) with colorful backgrounds. I love to use my brand color in the back of photos with this one and I think it really helps your stories to stand out with more bold blocks of colors versus mostly images. Lastly, is the incredible, Unfold. I use this one the most and love how it integrates the ability to make a collage with a video and a photo. I would highly recommend spending the $1.99 to get the FF1 option. That is how you can have borders/collages that look like film or polaroids. All three of these Apps are fairly easy to use and if you just start playing around you will see all the fun things you can do and how instantly you can improve your stories.

                                      Instagram Story Icons

All the pretty bubbles you see on other's Instagram profiles can also be yours!! Why do you need them? Not only do they "fancy things up" a bit, but people can learn more about your profile instantly by clicking through your highlights. I know some people have said, they actually look through other account's highlight icons before they choose whether or not they are going to follow someone. We all know that stories only stay around for 24 hours. Having a place to keep archived stories means more engagement and views on those days and weeks later when the stories have disappeared from your profile. A tip from Taylor at Later (keep your eyes peeled for a blog & more from her) is to have your first highlight icon be titled "about" and then archive images/videos that explain your brand and profile! Genius! With 150 characters in your Instagram bio, this is another way to elaborate on your brand and get people familiar with what you do. There are two tutorials that I would recommend as you set up your highlights and create the pretty bubbles with icons- you don't have to be a graphic designer I promise! Here is one from Beth of Local Milk and the second one is from Jenna Kutcher and can be accessed here. Don't be intimidated, this is an easy 30-minute process. Once you have your images created add them to your stories just like you would for any other picture, click the heart highlight icon in the bottom right and "add to highlights". It's that easy.  

Other Touches for Instagram Stories

Just a few other quick thoughts when thinking about Instagram stories. Be sure to add location & hashtags in stories in order to get others that are not your followers to see what you have going on. The only way for "outsiders" to see your stories is through a geotag or a hashtag. Another idea is to consider creating a "story form" that other's can fill out and share on their stories (Like the one at the bottom of this post that I created!)- leave your brand on their so everyone can see who made it as it floats around in cyberspace. It's such a fun way to create engagement. If you are looking for more resources on Instagram in particular, one of my favorites is the Later blog. You can read articles like "How to Generate Leads with Instagram Stories" & tons of other cutting edge and up-to-date content.

Wrapping up the Instagram Stories Conversation...

I hope you've found this content insightful and SUPER practical. We would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you have questions about this particular content or have an idea for other "Tools, Tips" & Tricks" you would like us to discuss let us know!! Lastly, take the photo below and add it to your stories!! Let's get this "story form" conversation started. Download the photo, fill out the fields, post in your stories & tag a girl boss friend to pass it along to someone else! Don't forget to tag me @bridging_herstory, too so I can see all of your #girlboss thoughts! :-) [/et_pb_text] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]


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