Indianapolis Influencer Dinner Party


Indianapolis Influencer Dinner Party

So excited to share about last week's Indianapolis Influencer Dinner party that Bridging Herstory hosted in my backyard. A week ago I hosted something magical. Do you ever find yourself inside a moment that you say to yourself, “this is what I was created to do!”? It’s like everything has aligned and the weight of other anxieties and questions wash away because in this pure moment, all is well and beautiful. Pause. Those moments in life, take a minute and pause. Don’t blow past it, don’t figure out how to make it happen again or last longer, just pause and breath it into your sweet soul. I hope you do that when you come to those magical moments in your life. They ground us. They remind us of our call in life. They empower us to make the world more beautiful through our unique way. Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyIndianapolis Influencer DInner PartyThe table has always been a magical place for me. Since I was a little girl playing “restaurant” and serving my accommodating parents their plastic food meals, something sparked inside me of this beautiful thing that can happen when we gather around the table. It’s why I spend hours planning a dinner party and stay up late doing dishes after everyone leaves with a smile on my face and one in my heart that lasts for days.Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyAt Bridging Herstory our mission is to empower girl bosses to create the beauty they are intended to bring the world. It feels really good to put that into concise words I can share with you all. In the past month, my vision has come into sharp focus. The main way we empower women is through our business coaching as well as our events. Finding your tribe is incredibly important in this whole entrepreneurship ride. That is why we work to provide events where you can find other gals doing the same thing. If you are interested in attending future events please be sure to join our email list family here so that you can be “in the know” of what we were are planning.Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyBack to the dinner party. :-) Thursday night, 20 influencers and bloggers joined me in my backyard to sip on drinks, eat a delicious meal & learn and grow together. How did I invite these girls? Let me tell you the power of an Instagram DM! :-) I knew I wanted to network and collaborate more locally and I thought, what better way than a dinner party with some fierce girl bosses right in our city! Here are all the lovely ladies who attended along with their Instagram handles. You should probably go and give them a follow and some love

Lauren: @lokellum, @lokeeinthekitchen
Claire @claire_rene_
Rachel @revivalfoodco @rachel.klein
Kate @intoindy
Bella @arabella.rollison
Jessica : @jessicamadisonhome
Liz @Mrslizhendy
Ashley: @fashionatelyme
Kaylee: @kalyeecreightonphotography
Kelli @bighairandfoodiefare
Steph @trendyinindy
Erinn: @bridging_herstory
Josie: @josie_sanders
Bobbi @bobbikleinphoto
Janelle @ourshadesofgreen

Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyDue to my husband's fantastic handy skills, our backyard was ready to host, but the party really came together with all the brands who chose to collaborate with us for the dinner in exchange for exposure and professional photos. I say this because it might be in your mind to throw an event too, and the power of collaboration is key. Be sure to offer those who might participate a great reason that will benefit their brand, then it’s a win-win! From table linens to chairs, to hand lettering, pastries, and a food blogger to cook the food, the event came together with the expertise of so many women and their talents. Check the list of those collaborations below:

Florals: Vabindyflorals
Rentals: @aclassicpartyrental
Photos: @bridging_herstory
Menu Design: @kaitlyndespain
Wine: @dayowlrose
Lettering: @esther_letters
Food Blogger: @lokeeinthekitchen, @lokellum
Desserts: @potsandpansindy @hattiemcdaniel

Indianapolis Influencer DInner Party Indianapolis Influencer DInner Party The evening began with an hour of sipping Prosecco, nibbling on charcuterie & crudite boards and taking photos with each other & the table scene. Its funny, after the event, hearing about the nerves so many of us felt at the start of the event. My hand is raised. My husband told me to drink a glass of wine and take deep breaths. :-) Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyIndianapolis Influencer DInner PartyIndianapolis Influencer DInner Party At the table we ate the most delicious spread cooked by Lauren of @lokeeinthekitchen and started a beautifully authentic and collaborative conversation. Before everyone showed up I asked them to come ready to share who they are and what they do and one tip of practical advice so that we could all learn from each other. What followed was the most positive discussion, where people were able to say “me too” and really glean ways to improve their businesses. And that is the power of the table, right? A space to get real and to say “me too” and to learn and grow. Indianapolis Influencer DInner Party Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyThe city of Indianapolis is a special one for the entrepreneurial scene. It's a place of coming together to cheer each other on through the ups and downs.  I’m thankful for what happened last Thursday and for the “moment” when my soul smiled and said “I am doing what I am created to do!” Indianapolis Influencer DInner PartyWhat about you? Are you a female entrepreneur who wants to get better connected in the city? Please be sure to join our email tribe here and even shoot me a little message on Instagram or through email to say you’d like to know when we are planning open invite events! Shine on my dear friend, you were created to do beautiful things. Indianapolis Influencer DInner Party


So good Erinn!! I love that you have found your sweet spot and are going into it head on!!
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Bridging HerStory Jul 27, 2018 07:57am
Thanks so much Katie! I'm so grateful to be in this place!
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