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How to create a Quiz that Converts

I'm excited to share about my new partnership with Interact, a company that offers an incredible tool in creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drives traffic to my website. I knew I needed a fresh way of capturing my ideal client's attention on my site and encouraging them to join my BH email family. My old opt-in had a pretty low conversion (3.5% and ideal is at least 10%), so it was time for something fresh. I'm a bit of a sucker for quizzes and personality tests. Being a certified StrengthsFinder coach, I'm a believer in self-discovery and how we can leverage our strengths and manage our weakness in our brands and businesses. Thus a personality quiz that connected with my ideal audience was gold. Grateful to be using Interact & excited to share how I set up my quiz with them!

Setting up a quiz that converts

I knew when I chose the route of creating my own quiz I wanted to really serve my current & future #girlboss tribe. I  wanted to niche down and specialize so I chose to make a custom quiz. There are tons of great templates that you can use through Interact that allow you to get specific too by choosing from categories that most resemble your audience so don't feel like you have to go the same route as me! how to create a quiz that converts Here are some of the options you can use when you are using a template form of the quiz: how to create a quiz that converts Before I even started to set up the quiz I created my four custom personality types & had my editor fine-tune those results. When thinking of what type of quiz to create and what the quiz results should be, you should think through the lens of your ideal clients. Who do you want to serve & then eventually sell? Since I am a business coach that works specifically with female creative entrepreneurs that is exactly who I want taking my quiz. Thus my title of "What type of Entrepreneur are you"? The branding of the quiz and the text throughout the questions along with the results are very much written with the tone of my audience of #girlbosses. Thus the goal is that women entrepreneurs or wantrapreneurs are taking my quiz, getting valuable information and then joining my email list. That way I can capture them as future potential clients and build my following with the correct individuals. Also, to highlight this concept a bit more. The goal of my quiz is not just to build my following, but to also serve my potential client. Once receiving your result on the quiz, women will get the opportunity to download an e-book of resources I created. ALWAYS SERVE FIRST!   I then created 8 quiz questions after studying others in similar fields that have like-minded audiences. I chose to have a variety of question & answer styles. Some had visual prompts where I used photos as answer options and some were simply text. how to create a quiz that converts

Branding your Quiz

Interact makes it super easy for you to brand your quiz so that a cohesive style flows from your website onto the quiz platform. I was able to plug in my colors & photos to ensure I was reaching my ideal client and staying true to my brand. While they do supply some images, I would recommend using your own or Unsplash, as their stock images are limited. how to create a quiz that converts

Making your Quiz Accessible

Once you have completed your quiz you need to connect it to your website. When I had my consultation with Interact they shared best practices with me. I am currently reaching people with my quiz through several avenues. Since I just recently sent up my quiz I still plan to do some "A" "B" testing to see what language and space on my website convert best. It is currently positioned as the header on my desktop homepage, as well the header for my blog page. On both mobile & desktop, I created a pop-up and am considering a drop down above the menu bar as well! I had my designer create specific visuals for these and then had my programmer implement them on my site. This is something you can easily do on your own, I just wanted specific customization. Mailchimp is the platform I currently use to manage my e-mail list and this can be connected with a few simple clicks! how to create a quiz that converts

Final Thoughts

Okay, so you set up this whole quiz thing and then what? Here are the analytics from the past week since my quiz has been live. My email list has been quite stagnant in growth over the past 6 months and with this new tool, I have increased my email list growth by about 10%. I will say that you have to work to promote your quiz and generate a buzz about it people don't just automatically come on your site in masses to take your quiz. In the past week, I've promoted my quiz several times on Instagram, through Facebook & a giveaway. how to build a quiz that converts It's only been a week and I've already seen great results. I'm not going to lie and tell you that this was an overnight success or super easy. It took me hours to come up with all the content, develop the quiz and then implement it into my site and gain traction. Anything worth doing doesn't come easy and I think that this has been a good investment of my time. I'm looking forward to how it will continue to help me reach more of my tribe and grow my business. As a business coach, I speak about the importance of growing your email list. This is the following that you actually own. If Instagram shuts down & Pinterest fails, you will still have your people. In order to attract the right individuals to join your email list, you must serve them first and incentivize them to give up their precious email address. A quiz platform is a great way to build your list and my experience with Interact has been great. The platform was easy to navigate & they provided incredible resources & personalized training to set me up for success! I'm thankful for this tool in my business and excited to see how I continue to grow in the coming weeks!

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