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Creating a Proactive Morning as an Entrepreneur

I'm excited to share about my morning transformation and the power of mindest and creating healthy habits as an entrepreneur. It's a bit long, but I promise its worth the read! I am NOT a morning girl. A sorta of monster emerges as the alarm sounds, and it takes her a solid hour to subside. Okay, maybe I’m being a little extreme, but really, catch me after a solid hour of being awake, and you’ll meet a new girl. You can ask my sweet hubby if you want a further testament to this mental picture. Why am I talking about myself and mornings? Life has gotten busy. Bridging Herstory is BLOWING UP (in a beautiful way), and being strategic and proactive with my time has been even more important. I identified that mornings were the weakest part of my day. I move slooowwwwly (like the drips of coffee when its almost done brewing in the morning… SLOW!) and it was taking me a solid 2 hours + to get to my desk in the morning and get working. I can’t give up that time in my life or business. Something needed to change I’ve been reading “The Power of Habit”, learning the science behind why our brains create habits and the tactics and philosophies around how to sustainably change them. Well, my morning habits were needing some attention, as you clearly are aware if you’ve read this far. A key element in changing habits is replacing what you are currently doing with something new. I’m being painfully honest because I know you can relate to me. The women I coach have nodded their heads as I’ve shared my old morning patterns. The alarm sounds. I snooze my 9-minute timer… it sounds again.. I snooze. This repeats for about a solid 45 minutes (I’m embarrassed) until I then turn off my alarm and start scrolling. You know what I’m talking about right? Open that Instagram app and slowly you wake up by flipping through pretty squares, seeing all the likes and comments you got overnight and checking your DMs. Then once enough time has passed there, I click on that envelope icon and I’m checking my emails, my mind is racing and responding. Remember, I am still in bed. I have now probably woken up enough to get my groggy self out of bed and get presentable. But I’ve started my day all wrong, and I’m already frustrated because I’ve wasted an hour or more of my life. Things had to change. There are two critical things that I was doing wrong with my mornings. 1. Obviously, I was wasting way too much time. 2. I was creating a terrible mindset to begin my day. So back to that habit concept. I needed to replace my mindless scrolling with a quicker more positive way of beginning my day. When you start your precious new day by being “reactive” you are setting the tone all wrong. Instead of waking up and telling your day what it's going to be about, or what goals you will accomplish, you are starting your day by letting it dictate to you what it’s going to be about. This is just not the most productive, or positive way to create your posture for the day. Here are my new habits, the ones to get me out of my old cycle of mindless scrolling and snoozing. When I set my alarm at night, I put my phone onto airplane mode. It gives me the extra defense to not sneak a peak of Insta. Then I get out of bed and move across my room (slowly) to the chair in my room where my “5-Minute Journal” sits. I am out of bed and not on my phone! WHAT A WIN!  Then I wake up by writing 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things that will make today great, and my affirmation statement for the day. Girl, I am winning. I am being proactive and wasting way less time. On my ideal day, I keep my phone on airplane mode for several hours. I am ready for the day and sit down at my desk and get my to-do list formed in my planner before my phone is active. Now I have further solidified what my day is about and I’m not getting bogged down by the needs and requests of others. Those things are great in their place, but man they can get you off track. In coaching, I recommend that my clients name 3 things they are going to make their day about. 3 “to-do” things on your list. It’s manageable and gives direction without making a list so long you will never be able to complete it. I think it’s even more amazing when I can get one of those big tasks done before I’m in my inbox or Instagram, but that is like an all-star day. Obviously, for me, my mornings were weak and needed some changes, you might need to identify a different area of your day for improvement. You might find that your mornings are strong, but that you need to set them up to be more proactive. Take what you want from my morning transformation. A few other things about mindset throughout your day. TAKE BREAKS. I work from my home, sometimes all alone. I don’t really see the point of a lunch. You’ll find me shoveling food into my mouth at my desk while I continue to work. LAME. Our brains need a break. It might sound counterproductive, but taking a 15-20 minute break here and there will actually help you reset and get more done! TAKE A LUNCH! It’s a great time even if you are on your own to read a little bit in your book or take a short walk. Speaking of walks… use some of those breaks to get your blood flowing. It’s silly to lock myself inside on a gorgeous sunny day when I am my own boss! Taking a 10-minute meditative walk helps me disconnect and get re-focused. It helps me think and feel about things outside of my business. I’m a recovering morning hater. Remember the start of your day sets the tone. You get to determine how you start each day & I’m finding so much joy and productivity from my new routine. Cheers to new mornings and better mindsets. 2018-09-20_0002.jpg


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