Episode 005 “Mobile Site & Google Analytics Strategy” with Michelle Barto

Episode 005 “Mobile Site & Google Analytics Strategy” with Michelle Barto

Blog on Bridging Herstory: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Traffic

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Michelle Barto is the founder of Launch Creative, a digital marketing and web development agency.  She loves writing code, writing words and analyzing data.  Launch Creative specializes in helping small businesses define their brand and grow their influence through social media, web design, and content marketing. On a weekend, you will find her at the beach or on a hike with her family in Southern California.


-Michelle talks through main principles of best website design

-The importance of designing your site for mobile first & how to do this well. Over 50% of users are on mobile and depending on the industry this can be up to 80%!

-Critical components of your mobile landing page.

-What is google analytics? Basics you should know about using google analytics on your website.

-Creating conversation goals with google analytics & evaluating if you are meeting your goals.

-Google analytics can show you where your audience is responding and where to put your time!

-Check your responsive design to start optimizing your site for mobile.

-Images should be a 4:3 ratio 1200 pixels wide to 1,000 pixels tall for mobile. Michelle talks through the different ways to change your photos.



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