Episode 006: How to Grow Your Instagram with the Algorithm | Taylor from LATER


Episode 006 “How to grow your Instagram with the Algorithm”  Taylor from LATER

Check out her blog feature on Bridging Herstory: 5 Tips to Grow your Business Instagram with the Algorithm

Later Website | Taylor’s Instagram : @taylor.loren | Taylor’s travel Instagram: @localwanderer

Taylor is a brand builder and Instagram expert, and you might know her as “Taylor from Later,” the #1 Instagram marketing platform. She loves helping entrepreneurs grow their business using Instagram, which she does through Later’s popular blog, newsletter, and free courses. She has grown Instagram accounts for big companies, startups, celebrities, and her own travel blog. Taylor lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and her cat, and when she’s not on Instagram, she’s passionate about raising awareness for mental health causes. 


-Explains LATER and all the features and education businesses can gain through uses this resource that keeps people updated on Instagram trends & content to help build your brand.

-Auto-publishing with Instagram

-Taylor gives us the inside scoop on how and why Instagram changed their algorithm

-We dive into the 3 factors that play into the Instagram Algorithm: Interest (machine learning), timeliness, relationships

-How can businesses grow their Instagram given this new Algorithm change?  The importance of timing, engagement and the psychology of your consumer.

-The Instagram shadow ban doesn’t exist anymore

-Find your “niche” on Instagram with content buckets

-What makes people decide to initially follow you? Your Instagram aesthetic and how to use presets & a Lightroom hack to get that consistency

-Importance of your Bio & Highlight icons

-Why Stories matter & how to use them for your business

-Importance of using a business profile and examining your analytics


-Later Homepage

-Later Courses

-Maddie Corbin Presets

-Lightroom app for mobile 

-10 Creative Ways to use Instagram Stories for Business:

-Unfold for Stories

-Follow Jillian Harris on Instagram @jillian.harris



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