Episode 009: The Mind Gut Connection and Why it Matters as Entrepreneurs featuring Erica Ballard


Episode 009: “The Mind-Gut Connection and Why it Matters as Entrepreneurs”  featuring Erica Ballard

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Erica Ballard is a Health and Mindset Coach. She has been featured by The Mom Project, Orange Theory Fitness, and Women’s Health and is the host of The Full Plate podcast. She specializes in upping one’s productivity and focus through food and works closely with clients to identify foods and habits that fuel their professional and personal goals.   

Erica believes better food leads to a better life and is on a mission to show people that they can live healthy despite their busy schedules. As the force behind Erica Ballard Health, she works with business leaders, self-identified grinders, and business professionals to ditch the diets, drop the self-sabotage, and finally gain control over their food and health.

Erica worked in health care and public health for almost a decade before starting her business. She has an MS from Tufts School of Medicine and her CHC through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After ten years on the east coast, she now lives in the hometown of Indianapolis with her amazing fiancé Nick and their really cute dog Max. Stop by www.ericaballardhealth.com to learn more.


Eating well is important from a business standpoint.

-Definition of heath: Having the energy and confidence to do what you want. What do energy and confidence look like for you?

-How is what we eat connected to our outcome and happiness? Your brain and gut are connected by an axis, hence a “gut feeling”. Your gut is your second brain. Your gut is the connection with the outside world.

-90% of your serotonin lives in your stomach, so your mood is completely dependent on what -you put in your body.

-Dives into microbiome and how that is connected to the conversations between your mind and gut.

-Food is frequency. We have to be on the right dial.

-How to avoid crashes. Sugar and Carb chats. Cut your carbs in the morning. Importance of incremental change.

-Your metabolism follows the rhythm of the sun. You burn the most calories between 12:00-1:30.

-Practical, incremental tips for increasing your productivity. Drink water & Sleep! Our bodies are 65% water and our brains are 70% water.

-Listen to your body & the cues it is sending you. Don’t suppress your gut feeling and logic your way out of it.

-Favorite snacks: Bulletproof Bars, Epic Bars, Lara Bars, Nuts,

-EAT FAT!!! It’s good for your brain!

-90/10 rule. 90% of the time I do the best that I can and 10% of the time I don’t.

-“Negative thoughts lead to negative action.”

-“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” Unpack your actions to get to the root cause.

-You give yourself your own freedom!



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