Episode 015: How to Increase Sales with Strategic Copy & Efficiency Tactics with Ashlyn Carter



Episode 015: How to Increase Sales with Strategic Copy & Efficiency Tactics with Ashlyn Carter


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Ashlyn Carter is conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding & creative industries. She traded Fortune 500 clients in corporate marketing for creatives like Jenna Kutcher, Beth Kirby of Local Milk, Julie Solomon, Katelyn James, Hilary Rushford, Lara Casey/Cultivate What Matters, and more. She's been a contributing educator with Creative Live, ConvertKit, and HoneyBook, and have been featured in Southern Living, Style Me Pretty, and more. Ashlyn lives in Atlanta and convinces her husband (and baby boy) to go with her to grab margs and tacos weekly.


Do you know the importance of copywriting and how to use it in your business? Are you using rhythms and systems to help you work from a place of rest? This episode is FULL of amazing resources to help you serve your clients well while avoiding burnout, and you’re not going to want to miss it!




  • Ashlyn shares about her corporate background and transitioning to building her own business and how she faced anxiety, and how she was able to shift her priorities both personally and in work.


  • Copywriting - what exactly IS that? Ashlyn explains what the world of copy is all about.


“If you can’t sell me on your business, then who can?”


  • Alongside the visuals in the world of entrepreneurs are words, and the words are what do the heavy lifting when it comes to selling. Ashlyn shares how she creates tools to help people learn how to write effective copy themselves.


  • Ashlyn shares tips on where to start for websites including messaging, branding, user experience, and how to have visuals and messaging tell a story.


“Copy dictates design, not the other way around.”


  • Word Banks and Messaging Guides: what are they and how to use them in every area of your business, from your greeting to how you choose who to work with when outsourcing.


  • Ashlyn talks about the physiology around sales funnels and how to simplify communication from the beginning to the very end in clear and direct ways.


“Confused people don’t buy.”


-Templates! Do you have one for when you make a mistake, double book a client, or need to change the contract? Ashlyn recommends having a lot of templates, because if it happens twice, it’s going to happen again.


- How templates offer greater care for clients instead of being an impersonal response.


  • Trigger words, and words that help sell and help clients feel like the experience is about them.


  • Tips for Instagram and how to batch write captions.


  • Ashlyn talks about protecting her time and working from a place of rest.


  • Knowing your hourly rate and what is worth that amount of time, and tracking your time to see where you’re spending it.


“It’s fun to do our work, but at the same time we’ve got to take a step away from it or we are going to burn out and our art won’t get to the world.”


  • Delegating tasks that will free up time and save money because time is money.


  • Ashlyn talks about figuring out your rhythms of work and schedules and tasks and putting like things together to avoid burnout.



Check out Ashlyn’s Website for tons of great freebies, workbooks and helpful blog posts!


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