Episode 014: Smarter Content Creation - With Kallie Branciforte

Episode 014


Episode 014: Smarter Content Creation - With Kallie Branciforte

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Kallie is the blogger and YouTuber behind But First, Coffee, a lifestyle brand about helping you save time and money and live a more simplified life. She's also the creator of Caffeinate and Conquer, an online resource for other creative entrepreneurs to grow their online presence. Along with being an avid content creator, she's an SEO strategist and internet media marketer.


Do you feel like you’re on a constant hamster wheel of content creation? Do you want tips and strategies to help you optimize content so followers can find you? Do you want to provide content that’s valuable while also staying passionate about it? Then you’re going to want to tune into this episode!




  • Kallie tells us about her education background and how she fell into the blogging world, the industry of internet marketing, and content creation


  • Kallie shares how she was able to marry her love of teaching and internet marketing and SEO strategy


  • Pinterest? Facebook? Instagram? Youtube? Help! How to narrow your focus and why Kallie recommends picking two platforms to focus on when it comes to engaging with others and content creation


“When you’re a blogger, you’re constantly creating content.


- The importance of localizing your following and how that will help you stand out to the followers in your area


  • Why localizing isn’t turning off anyone, but is opening the door more for local followers


- Alt tags, keywords, descriptions, search engines, page titles? Kallie shares some very simple and practical SEO tips to help with localizing your blog


“Be smarter with the content that you are creating so that other people can find it.”


  • Kallie shares how to write posts for followers and how stepping into the perspective of a follower can offer insight on tweaking content.


  • Practical tips on character count for blog posts and how headers can help you organize your posts a bit more


  • Navigating Yoast for Wordpress


  • Kallie shares about her e-book that helps cover all the aspects of SEO


  • Why video content is so important, and the benefits of using video to engage your audience


  • Kallie shares why she loves Youtube for video and generating sustainable traffic


“You don’t need to wait until you have a best equipment to get on Youtube.”


  • Kallie shares her journey of Youtube and all the work and reward involved with that platform

“If you’re always chasing the next viral thing, you’re going to get no satisfaction out of it.”


  • Why it’s important to create content you’re passionate about for the types of people you want to create content for


  • Growth hacking, and how to use Youtube to help support your blog


  • Monetizing Youtube and diversifying your revenue stream


- Kallie shares tips on starting out creating video content, how to become comfortable in front of the camera, and how to have FUN with it


“Whatever you decide to do - whether it’s blogging or social media - is to make sure there’s a piece of you that’s still doing it in a way that you really enjoy."




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