It’s Time To Master Your High-Ticket Offer


Entrepreneurs are always looking for proven methods to increase their business revenue. One common approach is to create more offers to sell. The more offers we have to sell, the more money we will make, right? 

Unfortunately, the opposite usually holds true. Picture this: you’ve been in business for a few years, and you realize it’s time for you to level-up. You don’t want to be doing the same shit day in and day out with little return, so you start to meddle in your business and make changes. You create multiple “smaller offerings” that take up a lot of your time and end up leading you to burnout. I know this because many girl bosses come to me right after trying this sales tactic and failing. 

So what I'd like to propose is the idea of a value ladder.

1. Your business needs a value ladder.

I start by taking my clients to the top of what their business value is right now. What is bringing in the most income in your business? What is your current high-ticket item? What value-added services are you offering? Once identified, we can do some tweaking. Sometimes that's a current offering that simply needs to have some LIFE breathed into it **Can you say UPGRADE?** I’m talking about upgrading your offer AND who you are selling it to. It’s time to show off the level of expertise that you have and the level of transformation you can give someone who wants to meet you at the TOP of your ladder. Learn to target who wants ALL of the amazing goodness you bring to the table.

Too many times we stand stuck at the bottom of our value ladder. We forget the magic is at the TOP! There’s no need to remain at the ground level of $20-$50 down-sells. I take female entrepreneurs to a high-level, high-priced offer and teach them how to package and sell that offer like a BOSS! When you learn this, your company will have the cash flow that allows you to fill out the rest of your value ladder in a strategic way. 

2. Focus on your high-ticket offer.

At this point, some of you might be screaming, “I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur Erinn, don't make me just sell one thing!!” 

Don’t worry. It's not a forever solution! But I do the value ladder exercise with clients to help them realize that significant increases in business revenue happens when you finally agree to stop selling all.the.things. Let's sell one thing REALLY WELL at a high ticket price that adds value...higher than you've been selling...and then you'll have the cash flow to bring in the team, the ad spend, and everything else you need to fill out the rest of your value ladder. 

3. Position your most fulfilling offer at the top of your value ladder.

To get started, I want you to take a look at your business right now and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are the different offerings that you're creating and/or selling? 
  2. Which ones are doing well?
  3. Which ones are not doing well? 
  4. How much time are you spending on each offer including both nurturing and selling to your audience?
  5. Which offers feel the most fulfilling?

Uncovering the answers to these questions will help you know where to start and what offer to put your time and energy into that will SELL! I want to encourage you to stop trying to do all of the things that aren’t making you a lot of money. Let's BLOW UP your best, most fulfilling offer and sell it really, really well. It’s time to get the cash flowing and climb that ladder to the top, baby!

Want more sales-related tips? Be sure to grab my free resource called the Savvy Sales Guide to help you trade burnout for dollar signs and tackle sales with confidence. Apply my 5 key action steps that will make a HUGE income boost in your biz!


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