One Strategy to Completely Transform Your Sales


Are you ready for a strategy that’s going to completely change the way you do sales? 

Well, before I share the magic, first check out my three recent videos all about pricing strategy:

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Once you’re caught up, get ready for another tip for raising your prices and closing the deal:

1. Use a value-based pricing model.

It’s exhausting to have a sales strategy that doesn’t convert. You spend time trying to nail down your pitch only to hear objections and excuses in return. 

Here’s the honest truth...when we talk to our customers about our offerings, we often elevate the deliverables within our sales process. We highlight all that we offer our clients but completely forget about the transformation. And here’s the thing...PEOPLE BUY TRANSFORMATION!

You need a value-based pricing model. So when you set out to increase your prices, you have to consider what transformation you bring to the table and include your value in what you charge! 

When you price yourself, you need to think through how much a person will be changed after working with you. When you sell your offer, first sell the transformation and avoid talking deliverables. If the change is significant, then the price should be too! Make sure that transformation is included in your pricing. 

2. Highlight the transformation when you sell.

The transformation should also be the highlight when you SELL. I don’t get on my sales calls and focus on telling potential clients about how many sessions they get when they work with me or about my mastermind membership. I bring everything back to who they will become and how their business will grow after going through my coaching program. 

“When you work with me, you will look at your company in a data-driven way and see what’s working and what’s not. Then we will elevate your business by creating an offering and new pricing that will book your dream clients at dream rates!”

See what I did there? I helped potential clients to see exactly how their business will be better as a result of my program. Your customers don’t care as much about the process and deliverables. They simply want to know how it’s going to make their life better. It’s the testimonials, before and after pictures, and the vision for a better future that will sell them. 

So when you think about your pricing, keep the deliverables more like the “behind-the-scenes” and the transformation at the forefront.  

3. Rewrite your sales script and uplevel your pricing.

As you think about this, how can you rewrite the sales script and how can you uplevel your pricing from this lens of transformation? Go back to some of the copy in your social media posts or on your website and start talking about the changes your clients are having after they work with you and the shifts they're creating because of your services. Don’t just share what your customers are receiving. Also, reevaluate your pricing strategy and see that those receiving a more valuable experience should be charged a higher price. 


Now it’s time to take those deliverable glasses off and put on the lens of transformation. Think about how you can make some massive shifts in your pricing and your approach to talking about your offer so you can drastically increase your sales. 


You got this!


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