Why Persistence Matters to Increase Sales

Why Persistence Matters To Increase Sales

Persistence is such an important part of sales, yet far too many people give up too soon and end up being an obstacle to their own success. 

When I think about persistence, it takes me back to my “book girl” days. Back in college I sold books door-to-door. I was that person who sold educational materials to families. It sounds crazy. It WAS crazy. I have lots of stories about this experience (ask me sometime), but I have to say...I was very successful. In fact, I finished top 10 in the nation in my first years! This was my first experience with sales and it taught me a lot.


Get Comfortable Hearing “No”

The biggest thing that I learned was the ability to hear “no,” and to persist. This is a principle across the board that you're going to have to get very, very comfortable with when it comes to selling. 

Let me walk you through my average day on the book field…

I would go knock on a hundred plus doors a day because people aren't always home or they don't answer (Yes, I can see you through that window, Karen. *wink*

Despite the initial “no” responses, the goal of the book industry was that you would have 30 people who would listen to the presentation on a good day. These people would sit on the front porch with me, or they would allow me to come sit at their kitchen table, and I could do my sales spiel. Thirty of those hundred plus would be people who would then say, “Yes, I'll allow you to come in.” The rest, not so much, so I heard many “nos” right away! Either “no” because they didn't answer the door, they weren't home, or they would open and slam the door on me. (So...yeah...I took that as a “no”).

Let's say of those 30 people on a good day, seven of those people chose to buy. I then have seven yesses out of a hundred plus potentials. So, believe me when I say I understand the word “no” and have heard it more times than I can count. But I’ve also mastered the art of persistence!


Look For The Ace

One of my friends told me this awesome analogy about persistence: Let’s pretend you have a deck of cards and the “ace” represents the “yes.” You have 52 cards, and you’re going through the cards looking for an ace. You get a king, queen, jack, 10 (which are all “nos.”) All of a sudden you are 40 cards in, you have heard 40 nos. But instead of feeling discouraged, you know you are that much closer to your “yes!!” 

You're about to hit four yeses in the next 12 cards, girl! Think about this deck of cards when you’re facing rejection and know that your “yeses” are coming!!

Sales Conversion Is All About The Data

You see, sales conversion all comes down to data. Generally we can count on a conversion rate of around 20%, so if you're talking to ten people, then two people will say “yes.” That means you have to be ready to hear eight nos.

I believe one of the things that makes or breaks people in growing their business and hitting sales goals is the ability to persist through the “no.” 

I've talked to people who are like, “Erinn, I just want to figure out how to outsource my selling.” 

So I ask them the following questions: 

  • What's your current sales strategy? 
  • What's your current conversion rate? 
  • What's going on right now when it comes to your sales? 

They then say something like, “No, I haven't really tried to sell yet. I just want to hire it out.”

If that’s you, then you need to know that’s not going to work. You need to do the hard work first. You need to have a proven concept that you have something the market wants and is saying “yes” to. You need to know the objections of your client before you can start outsourcing your sales to someone who doesn’t know your target audience as well as you do!

Being comfortable with the “no” and not taking it personally is key. Don’t just look for the easy-way-out.

Always Follow-Up

The other secret to persistent sales is in the follow-up. I cannot tell you how many times I have continued to encourage my clients to follow up, follow up, and follow-up. 

Don’t assume that if you haven’t heard back then it’s a “no.”

Think about how you shop online. “Ooh, I like it. I think I want to get it.” You put it in your cart planning to come back to it and forget. But thank goodness for Instagram’s retargeting ads, you get a reminder that also comes with a 15% off coupon! (Woo hoo!) 

It’s those follow-ups that give you the push to buy, and you need to do the same thing in your company. Don't take a lack of response as a “no.” You need to have a follow-up strategy in place to take your people to that “yes!”

Girl, I'm unashamed about follow-ups, and I want YOU to feel the same way!

If I know that I have a client in front of me who I can really help and transform, and I have a belief in them that they can grow, then I follow-up with that person multiple times. You need to do the same. You need to toss that nervousness and embarrassment to the side and SERVE that client! 

Yes, giving them a follow-up is serving them because they need your offer!

Have at least two to three strategic follow-ups in place. What that means is to recap the conversation, do a historical review on what they shared with you and how you said you can help, and then ask them where they’re at with the decision. Maybe your follow-up is getting them on another call. Maybe it's through sending an email or an Instagram DM as a reminder or a “check-in.” (It depends on how you communicated with them previously). 

But hear me when I say this...do not take the initial silence as a “no.” Follow-up at least two to three times.  

Persistence matters in sales because the ability to hear “no,” persist, and follow-up, will literally change the sales game for you. 

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