2 Common Mistakes in Goal Setting (that are SUPER easy to fix)

You know when you were a kid, and it would be that halfway point between Christmas Break and the end of the school year where you and ALL your classmates would begin to feel that mid-year slump (and start to act up a little) because you lost your excitement for being back in school?

Yeah? Okay so that is the July of being an Entrepreneur. The weather is nice, and you’ve *kiiiinda* lost track and momentum on your goals because it’s that dang halfway point through the year. I hear you, girl. We’re all there. 

But this is not the time to be slowing down in your business - this is the time to hit that reset button and buckle down so you can ACTUALLY hit your big exciting goals for the year. And yes - you totally can crush your goals with a glass of wine working on the deck in the sunshine, because that’s the bonus of being an entrepreneur

Want to get in on the two biggest mistakes that suck the life out of crushin’ your goals?

Goal Setting Mistake #1: 

Thinking that your “to-do list” is your goal setting! Think of it like this: when you’re going on a trip, you are going from point A. (where you are) to point B. (where you want to be). Right? You don’t set goals for buying your plane ticket, packing your bags and driving to the airport - that is your flight plan leading up to the goal destination. Your GOAL is your arrival to Bora Bora with your girlfriends ready to soak up the sun. 

It’s the same in your business, your goal is the final destination - not your items on your to-do list. Basically, just because you’re crushing your to-do list, doesn’t mean you’re crushing your goals - (it still rocks!!) but those are steps TOWARDS your goal. Define the goal first, then create the to-dos to get there versus just filling your days with checking things off a list that doesn’t necessarily coincide with your end goal. 

Goal Setting Mistake #2: 

The curse of vagueness! One of the first and main questions I ask my clients is around their goals, and so often they’ll answer with a vague answer like: “I want to be a full-time entrepreneur.” (Which is a GREAT goal!!) A way to shed the vagueness that can feel so unreachable is to get granular and determine the smaller goals within the larger one that need to be accomplished. I.e. If you want to transition to be a full-time entrepreneur, how much exactly do you need to make a month to do that? How many additional clients/programs is that? 

6 months is a long time, and with the right goals and specificity, I believe you can achieve HUGE things between now and the end of the year.

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Leave a comment and let me know if you felt this was helpful, and a goal you’re going to work towards in the next 6 months!


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