5 Reasons You’re Avoiding Your Numbers

If you didn’t know...I’m a bit of a $$$ nerd. 

Seriously - nothing gets me fired up like diving into spreadsheets and I am ALL about being BFF’s with the numbers in your business, AND it’s one of the most common breakthroughs with my clients. 

Girl, if you’re not down and dirty with your numbers - you need to listen reeeeally closely.

We’re going to work through these 5 reasons you may be avoiding your numbers so you can get started on your journey of repairing your relationship with them.

It’s all about mindset - when you can break through the blocks in your mind THEN we can receive the tangible tools to change how we’re doing things. 

You’re running a business - not a hobby, so let’s dive in. 

Reason #1 You’re Avoiding Your Numbers: You’re not a numbers person

You’re using the excuse, “I’m just not a numbers person.” Okay...newsflash - none of us are born knowing how to speak, let alone our numbers! Numbers aren’t in your DNA, which is great news because that means you’re able to learn them. 

Reason #2 You’re Avoiding Your Numbers: You are afraid

You are afraid of what you might see...I can promise you that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your numbers, and although it may feel more comfortable to stay in your creative zone that you love so much - at the end of the day you’re running a business and you can’t make decisions that help you grow and scale a business without knowing these things. 

Reason #3 You’re Avoiding Your Numbers: Your numbers define you

Do numbers feel like a triggering topic for you? Whether it’s the number on the scale, the numbers on your instagram, or the numbers in your bank account, you may have an unhealthy relationship with the numbers in your life to a point where you’re saying “I’m just going to stay away.” The solution isn’t to stay away - it’s to HEAL that relationship with numbers. 

Reason #4 You’re Avoiding Your Numbers: You don’t have the tools

You’re ready to start, but you’re just not sure what tools you need and you’re saying, “How do I make sense of all the data?” This is a good step to be on, because it means the really hard part is done, and your mindset is there, you’re ready to take that leap, but you just don’t know what tools you need to start. Great news - I may have something coming soon ;)

Reason #5 You’re Avoiding Your Numbers: You don’t think it matters

LADIES, trust me when I say the numbers always matter. Even when it feels good in your business, you’re crushing your goals, you’re making money, it STILL matters. Just imagine what you could do and the things you could achieve if you actually took the time to understand that portion of your business!

OKAY, so those are the five reasons you may be avoiding the numbers in your business, and as usual, I have some homework for you around this!

Take some time to define and identify which one of the above you are right now. (Because I know you’re not watching this video and reading this blog if you’re already a whiz at this!)

ALSO, I’d love to have you join my private Facebook community, where you can get some live hot-seat coaching with me and we can deep dive more into those pesky numbers. Join us and tell us which one you feel you struggle with the most! 


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