How to Turn Doubt into Belief and Achieve Your Goals

I have been doing all kinds of reflecting lately as I get ready to make some big moves in my business, and it’s made me really think about how much of the deep work and massive shifts don’t happen because of tools, tactics, or strategies - they happen because of your mindset

We as entrepreneurs typically have an awareness that others do not. You recognize that in a lot of ways, you ARE the business, you are the vessel for the impact you want to make on the world so we take time to really understand that our thoughts DO matter.

I want to help you with a formula that will help you live in truth and live in affirmation and ensure that your mindset is at its absolute best so you can kick butt in what you do and show up for your business as your best self.

SO, let’s talk about the strategy I use to turn doubt into belief and achieve goals!

It all starts with a current belief you have - For an example in this blog, let’s say you want to make 10K in a month and we’ll use this phrase as an example: (but insert your own beliefs in replacement!!)

“I lack the ability and confidence to make 10K and I’m making goals that are way too big”

First, take a moment to identify the feelings behind the negative phrase you’re telling yourself.

In this case, this person is feeling a lack of confidence, they’re feeling small and not motivated - they’ve got some serious LOW vibrating feelings and emotions.

And sometimes you really only know the feelings, not the thought. So start with the feeling and trace back in your mind and find the thought associated with it.

Once we’ve identified the thoughts and emotions, and then recognized that they’re NOT helpful our next step is to do a bit of an internal Q&A sesh with ourselves.

Ask yourself questions to find evidence against that negative statement you’re telling yourself. For example, “When have I surprised myself with how much I could accomplish in the past? When have I been resourceful? What have I learned or implemented that has changed me and my capabilities?

Now here’s the best part: Come up with a NEW true statement.

Take all that evidence you found from asking yourself those questions, and compile it into your new true statement.

For example: “I have proven to myself that I can achieve difficult things and have implemented XYZ in my business recently which will help me step up my game and hit 10K per month in my business.

It’s okay if you don’t believe it yet 100%...but you need to believe the true statement at least 51%. You have to be able to believe it, because we’re retraining and reconditioning your brain here.

And let’s be honest - none of us want to live by the laws our 7y/o selves learned from the world.  

Now that you have your new true statement, think about what positive emotions are coming from that true statement of yours. 

Joy? Excitement? Hope?

Negative conditioning has been developed through repetition in our years of life on this planet, and the great news is...through repetition, so will the positive! So find the way that works best for you to keep that true statement top of mind. Whether it’s on sticky notes or something you listen to every morning on your phone...let’s re-condition our brains for the positive!!!

Why is this important?

Because out of our beliefs comes our ACTION.

And at the end of the day, what we take action on is what we achieve.

For a little bit of homework, I challenge you to write down allllllll of your current beliefs around your current goals, and start to identify where you need to raise your vibration and change your true statement. Then - go through the steps above to start to recondition your brain and achieve your big amazing goals, lady! YES! 

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