When It’s Time to Hire a Team


If you are a one (wo)man band in your business -  it’ll never grow beyond how big you are… BUT, how are you supposed to know when it’s the *right* time to grow a team?

That’s a really great question, and there are some important nudges that may be happening for you right now telling you it’s time to start to scale.

So let’s talk about them! Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to scale your business and hire a team. 

  1. You’re overscheduling yourself and are maxing out your time.
  2. You recognize things you COULD outsource for a lower amount than your hourly rate. 
  3. You’re doing a lot of work that is outside your zone of genius.
  4. You don’t have time to put into marketing. 
  5. You’re saying NO to more business because you don’t have time.

If you’ve resonated with any of these, it’s likely time you consider looking for a VA, Social Media assistant or some other source of help in your business.

Deciding to hire help is the first step of delegation and scaling your business with a team...next up will be the inevitable growing pains.

Building a team and delegating work can feel like a LOT right off the bat, but promise me you won’t let it discourage you, okay? These are temporary and if you keep your eyes on the long term vision for your company it WILL be worth it. 

Here is what you can expect those growing pains to feel like:

  • Thinking it’s easier and cheaper to just “do it yourself.”
  • It will take MORE time - until it takes relatively no time
  • It will likely challenge your mindset around MONEY.

Everytime you say YES to one thing, you’re saying NO to something else. 

Keep that in mind when these things start to challenge you. You’ll get to a place where your team can just handle things on their own, which will free up your time. And when you struggle with paying someone for something you’ve always just done yourself, remember that the value of your hour is much higher than the rate you’re paying that person.

Now that you know the nudges that are telling you to grow, and are aware of the growing pains you may experience - it’s a good time to remind yourself of the WHY behind your business. Think about the vision you have for your company and remind yourself why you do what you do and why you want to scale. 

If your goal is like mine, and you want to impact as many people as you possibly can - scaling is an inevitable outcome so embrace it and celebrate each growth stage along the way. 

I talk ALL about scaling your business in my FREE Facebook Community, The Uplevel Society...and if you’re not already in there - what the heck are you waiting for?! Join me over in this group and feel free to ask any and all of your burning business questions! Can’t wait to connect xoxo!


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