4 Ways to Inject Your Business with Cash Flow

How are you feeling in your business as we enter the final month of the year? It’s been a crazy one, that is for sure. 

Typically this is either the time that we entrepreneurs are either in/coming down off of our busy season, OR looking to ramp up and try to hit those financial goals for the year-end.

Either way, this blog is for you (whether it helps you now, or down the road)

So let’s talk about how to increase some serious cash flow in our business this December, and how to wrap up the year STRONG. Whether you just simply need the money, or whether you just need to prove to yourself that you’ve got that magic and ability to create financial abundance when you desire to. 

Now before we dive in, it’s time to close the door on your perfectionism, over-thinking, and over researching, let’s break the cycle! If you want to grow and scale your business, you have to be willing to leave perfectionism behind. 

Deal? Okay let’s get into it. 

4 different ways that you can inject some serious cash flow into your business:

  1. Sell to previous customers! The easiest sale is going to be to someone who already knows, likes and trusts you, so find ways to show up and serve them more than you already have!
  2. Create a MINI offering! Whether you base it off a current offering and/or evaluate the needs of your customers and adjust to what they need right now in their life. ALSO - it’s important that when you’re creating this mini offering you consider how you can add it into your value ladder, so it’s an easy step into continuing the relationship after they’ve purchased that with you. 
  3. Tweak your messaging around your current offers. Think about where people are at in the buying process this time of year and how we can serve them right now. We’re entering the holiday season, so what is your buyer thinking, feeling and needing right now? Use that to alter your messaging towards something that resonates with your buyer more. 
  4. A payment plan strategy! If you have a high ticket offer, consider how you’re able to create a payment plan or deposit system for something that your customers will receive in December or the coming months. A bonus tip is to give them an incentive to commit now, instead of waiting until later. (I.e. Bonus call, extra product etc.)

If you’re telling yourself that there “isn’t enough time” to make some serious cash flow in your business, I want to challenge you on that! Don’t let yourself fizzle out, there are all KINDS of ways to make money. 

I go over more examples in the video above, but I hope that this inspires you to take some action and push to hit your financial goals of 2020 - it’s not over yet!!!!

Leave a comment and let me know which one of these you’re going to try out this December!


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