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Bridging Herstory TV promises to bring you tangible business advice so that you can implement new strategies right away. Erinn will bring you concepts that she shares with her clients specifically around sales strategy, number savviness, and goal setting techniques to launch you into the next version of yourself and your company!

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It’s Time To Master Your High-Ticket Offer

Creating multiple offers within your business can feel like you are increasing the likelihood of sales, but in this video, I share with you why you should put your time and energy into focusing on your high-ticket offer instead!



Handling Objections

The KEY to closing your sale is navigating your avatar's objections. I know - it's messy and can feel uncomfortable, but trust me it's worth it! There are THREE common objections that we all hear and I break them down for you in this video.


Creating a Buying Atmosphere

We all know that WHAT you have to say in your sales copy is important. But HOW you say it matters too! In this video, we talk about how to be authentic and have integrity in your sales, creating a better buying atmosphere.


Why Your Customer is the Hero

Every story has a hero and a guide and the same goes for your business! The hero of our business needs to be your customer. So YOU are the guide! We dive into HOW you can do this in this video.


Do you know your P&Ls?

If the answer is no, you're not alone. THIS is the gap I want to close! Let's dive into WHY you might not be engaging with your numbers. 

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