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Erinn Bridgman TV promises to bring you tangible business advice so that you can implement new strategies right away. Erinn will bring you concepts that she shares with her clients specifically around sales strategy, number savviness, and goal setting techniques to launch you into the next version of yourself and your company!

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5 Monthly Activities To Crush Your Goals 

This is a break down of monthly activities you need to be doing in your business each and every month this year (and years to come) in order to reach all your giant, exciting, audacious goals. 

Let’s kick some 2021 butt, shall we?

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How To Create A Vision Board

Let’s channel all that good energy and think about all the amazing things 2021 can bring. 

In this video I cover the how to make a kick-butt vision board, including the Prep phase, Creation phase, and even some vision board must-haves!

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Entrepreneurs' Guide to End the Year

Before you check-out for the holidays, I suggest tackling these 6 things in order to set yourself up for the best start to the New Year and so you’re able to fully be present with your loved ones!

4 Ways to Inject Your Business
with Cash Flow

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is the control and ability to generate money. How much and when is all in your control!

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Tools and Resources Your Business Needs

There are SO many amazing resources online today that help us fill the missing gaps and organize our businesses.

When It's Time To Hire A Team

How are you supposed to know when you’re ready to hire help? There are a few tell-tale signs for when it’s the *right* time to hire help and start to scale your business.

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How to Turn Doubt into Belief and Achieve Your Goals

The BIGGEST most impactful changes in your business happen in the smallest of ways...your mindset shifts. In this video I teach you how to uplevel your mindset for success and turn your doubt into belief that you can do ANYTHING. So dive in and take notes because in the next 10 minutes, you’re going to change your belief system so you can achieve what you’re meant to do in this world!

5 Numbers You NEED to Know in Your Business

It’s SO rewarding watching my clients go from overwhelmed and intimidated to feeling empowered by the spreadsheets and numbers in their business. These 5 numbers we’re covering in today’s video are the starting points I work with them to discover. Once you start to learn the numbers in your business, the sky’s the limit, and you may just become a numbers nerd like me. ;)

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5 Reasons You’re Avoiding Your Numbers

Okay be honest with me...are you BFF’s with the numbers in your business or do they intimidate the heck out of you? We’re diving into the 5 reasons you may be avoiding the numbers in your business and it’s SUPER important you know these things because once you know them - you can fix them ;)

7 Steps to Effective Goal Planning

You know I'm ALL about goal setting lately, and this video is exactly what you need if you're feeling like you could use a bit of a kick-in-the-butt to get started on those goals for 2020 that you've been avoiding or putting off!

Watch this to find out the 7 steps you need to take BEFORE you start working on your goals.


2 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

Ahhhh July - the halfway point in the year where we ALL start to ease off on the hustle and maaaaaybe even lose sight of our goals. 

GREAT news though, 6 months is totally enough time to accomplish the big audacious goals you’ve set for 2020, and as long as you avoid these two teeny mistakes I outline in this video, you’re on the right track! 

Why Persistence Matters To Increase Sales

How persistent are you when it comes to sales? Maybe you’re quick to give up and back down because you haven’t found a great way to follow-up confidently! I’m here to help you be more persistent (without being sleazy) when it comes to sales! Don’t tell yourself “no” too soon! Persistence matters to increase your sales.

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An Easy Guide to Effective Cold Calling

What do you think about cold calling? Did you know cold calls can be an effective way to increase your sales? This video will help you know how to formulate an effective cold call script and open yourself up to amazing opportunities. Learn how to do cold calling in a way that feels good and WORKS!

5 Tips For Selling During Challenging Times

It’s time to learn how to sell during challenging times. This video will help you to keep the right sales mindset so that your sales strategy can pivot but your business doesn’t go under as a result. Between a pandemic and economic crisis, you need the right strategies in place to keep your small business afloat. Click to learn 5 tips for selling during challenging times.

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One Strategy To Completely Transform Your Sales

It’s exhausting to have a sales strategy that doesn’t convert. You spend time trying to nail down your pitch only to hear objections and excuses in return. It’s time to stop sharing all about the deliverables of your program with potential clients and start selling the transformation they will experience. Customers simply want to know how it’s going to make their life better! It’s time to talk transformation!

Be Aware That THIS Happens When You Raise Your Rates

Raising your rates in your business can feel SCARY. One way to minimize that fear is to prepare as much as you can before you take the big leap. I want to give you a heads-up of what can happen when you change your rates so that you are ready for the new and exciting changes that come after you change your prices.


How to Know When to Raise Your Prices

Setting the pricing in your business can feel stressful. How do you know when it’s time to raise your prices? I share four questions to ask yourself to know if it’s time to change your rates. Ask yourself the four questions, and then give yourself permission to raise your prices! I want to help you tackle your pricing with confidence.

It’s Time To Master Your High-Ticket Offer

Creating multiple offers within your business can feel like you are increasing the likelihood of sales, but in this video, I share with you why you should put your time and energy into focusing on your high-ticket offer instead!


Handling Objections

The KEY to closing your sale is navigating your avatar's objections. I know - it's messy and can feel uncomfortable, but trust me it's worth it! There are THREE common objections that we all hear and I break them down for you in this video.

Creating a Buying Atmosphere

We all know that WHAT you have to say in your sales copy is important. But HOW you say it matters too! In this video, we talk about how to be authentic and have integrity in your sales, creating a better buying atmosphere.

Why Your Customer is the Hero

Every story has a hero and a guide and the same goes for your business! The hero of our business needs to be your customer. So YOU are the guide! We dive into HOW you can do this in this video.

Do you know your P&Ls?

If the answer is no, you're not alone. THIS is the gap I want to close! Let's dive into WHY you might not be engaging with your numbers. 

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