39 | Building a speaking career with Laylee Emadi

Honestly, a career in speaking is not for everybody. You need to be truly driven to make yourself heard, and have the passion to teach others. You'll be putting yourself out there over and over, hearing the word 'no' a lot in the process. BUT if you're a creative professional determined to educate, inspire, and make a lasting impact through speaking engagements, this episode with guest Laylee Emadi is a must-listen!

Laylee is the host of So, Here’s the Thing Podcast, and the founder of The Creative Educator Academy. She believes in leading with heartfelt encouragement and honest guidance. As a longtime entrepreneur, she’s not afraid to dig into tough topics or transparently share her own experiences—the good and the bad. Outside of work, Laylee is a cat lover who teaches dance for fun!

We talk about:

  • The 'shelf life' of creative entrepreneurs and the reality of going into education
  • Juicy tips for pitching yourself as a speaker
  • The inside scoop in evaluating speaker applications


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