48 | Letting Your Mistakes Become Your Education

If you have ever thought that making mistakes as an entrepreneur precludes you from becoming successful or wealthy, think again. Listen in to this episode of the Wealthy Woman Podcast to hear some vulnerable truths from me surrounding making mistakes and how they can be an invaluable education. 

This past year has been a challenging one specifically within our real estate business. We've experienced issue after issue and it's caused overwhelming amounts of stress. Rather than letting ourselves get defeated, we've decided to use this education to help us grow stronger and better! We talk about:  Failure as a Teacher: Embracing failure as a valuable teacher and being authentic and honest about it. Avoiding Short-Sighted Decisions: Not making decisions based on fear or scarcity but focusing on the larger vision and strategic thinking. Continuous Learning: The importance of being a lifelong student and staying open to new knowledge and opportunities.

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