Are you a creative entrepreneur who has mastered how to earn but now wants to learn how to start building wealth?

In just 8-weeks, go from working for money to getting your money to work for you.

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Does this sound like you?

  • Is your creative business booming but you feel embarrassed by the financial side of your biz... so you either ignore your numbers, let your partner handle it all, or outsource without taking a second look? (You’ve gotta know those numbers too, girl).
  • Do your finances feel like the secret “skeleton in your closet” you hope no one ever sees? (including your own two eyes!)
  • Maybe you LOOK successful on the outside, but don’t FEEL successful on the inside because your business numbers seem chaotic, scary, or out of control?


The Good News: Money doesn’t have to feel like the biggest obstacle in your business. Instead, it’s time to make it one of your greatest assets!

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What if knowing your numbers could mean…

  • You could pay down 15K of debt instead of being paralyzed by it

  •  Retire your partner wayyyyy sooner than you ever thought possible

  •  Be prepared + ready in time for tax season without waiting until the last minute (and NOT have an unexpected tax payment *yikes!*)

  •  You could outsource more work and scale faster because you KNOW you have the funds

  •  Start to pay yourself a consistent salary rather than pulling out money you need on a whim

  •  Begin to set personal financial goals that your business is able to MAKE HAPPEN!


All of that feels motivating, right? We can agree the need to overcome your money problems is clear, but the path (and hurdles) to actually doing it can feel unclear ... until now ...


Wealthy Woman Intensive


Become the master of your money so you can achieve your dreams, status, impact, and create the lifestyle you desire!

For a while now, I’ve seen that there is a massive need for creative entrepreneurs to tackle their numbers once and for all! 

I will never forget sitting at an Amy Porterfield conference filled with 100’s of female entrepreneurs who were asked to raise their hands if they knew the numbers inside of their companies. I was shocked to see only a few dozen hands raised. 

Knowing your numbers is a huge part of a healthy company! And here I was...surrounded by so many amazing, successful women... many of whom were sitting uncomfortably with their hands down — admitting this was a big gap in their business.


Your relationship with money does not have to be uncomfortable. 


You are successful...and money is a BIG part of that success. But something is keeping you from digging in. Most likely it’s because you’ve made it this far without doing it. 

To put it’s “worked!” 

Maybe you’ve hired a bookkeeper or you let your partner call the shots. It’s not been “necessary” to go beyond that, but here’s the hard truth...


Your business is surviving but not thriving...and it’s because of your money mindset and lack of management that’s holding you back.

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Meet Your Coach:

Hi! I’m Erinn Bridgman!

I believe wealthy women will change the world.

(And that YOU can be one of them!)

I’ve always believed this... even as a child. I was told things like, “Erinn, it’s like you think money grows on trees!” Because I knew from a young age that abundance was available to me. 

I was also told when I was younger, “I give up helping you with’re a lost cause.” But budgeting wasn’t the problem. Nope. I wanted MORE! *If only I could praise younger Erinn’s money mindset*

Money never stopped me from getting what I wanted. In one of my first jobs, I knocked on doors selling books to pay for college (ranking in the nation’s top 10 amongst 100’s of booksellers). And soon after, while working in higher education, I started my first 6-figure business because I was tired of being paid pennies in my 9-5! This pattern continued in the pursuit of more!

And in the midst of going after what I wanted...claiming abundance...I realized I needed to get a better grip on budgeting and organizing my numbers. 

I knew it was a necessary part of my biz, so I found creative ways to move out of un-comfortability with numbers by creating a robust system, practical tools, and beautiful spreadsheets (yes, aesthetics are everything *wink*) to help scale all of our businesses to 6-figures and to empower my coaching clients to do the same with their businesses, too. 

Working with numbers is now my sweet spot (even as a creative entrepreneur). 

The tools in this mastermind are proven systems that I created from my own genius and have seen transform every single one of my clients’ finances. 

I know they can help YOU too!

Let me help you bridge the gap between free-flowing creativity and nerdy, data-driven numbers so you can stop having a love/hate relationship with such an important piece of your biz.
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Wealthy Woman Intensive is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Covers both mindset AND management because one without the other puts you back into the exact cycle you’re trying to break. You need both.

  2. Completely shifts your mindset around money from feeling shame, indifference, or fear to feeling incredibly abundant and capable!

  3. Offers a toolkit that includes resources you will use for years and years to come (the investment in this mastermind is worth getting access to these tools alone...but of course there’s much more where that comes from!)



P&L Spreadsheet

The Profit and Loss Sheet allows you to see a month-by-month breakdown of every dollar you spend and make in your business and prepares you for an easy hand-off to your CPA for taxes!

CFO Spreadsheet

This tool allows you to analyze, forecast, understand your cash flow, and set and raise your salary. It puts you in the CFO seat of your biz so you can make powerful decisions based on projections you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Personal Money Mastery Spreadsheet

Allow your company to fulfill your personal wealth goals by setting a monthly budget, creating an annual short-term savings plan, and determining your big financial goals. Get ready to pay off your debt, save for your dream house or vacation, or give generously to organizations you care about!

Abundance Tracker

Set a manifestation goal and grow in gratitude through daily tracking of the monetary abundance you attract.

Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment

Learn the gifts and challenges of your money mindset and management based upon this assessment.

Money Mindset Journal

Weekly prompts and challenges to allow deep reflection & transformation for your money mindset to shift into flourishing health.

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What to expect



Join a beta 6-week intensive group coaching mastermind designed to help you make massive shifts around money and the management of it alongside other women entrepreneurs just like you!

Enroll today and get:

  • CFO Toolkit - $500 Value
  • Weekly 60-minute Call with Erinn and Mastermind Group - $1500 Value
  • Private Facebook Community Access - $500 Value
  • End-of-Program 30-Minute Call with Erinn (for those who have completed all homework) - $350 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $2,850

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $1,000

2 Payments


  • CFO Toolkit
  • Weekly 60-minute Call with Erinn and Mastermind Group
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • End-of-Program 30-Minute Call with Erinn

One-time Payment


  • CFO Toolkit
  • Weekly 60-minute Call with Erinn and Mastermind Group
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • End-of-Program 30-Minute Call with Erinn

I know that making the decision to manage your money can feel heavy, scary, or maybe even unsustainable, but that’s why this mastermind was created with all of that in mind! We will address those fears, tackle your money beliefs, navigate systems that will uncomplicate your finances in a tangible way, and do it with an amazing group of women at the same time! (More money AND amazing friendships?!? Yes please!)

Not only will you feel on top of your business finances, but you will also see a HUGE impact on your personal wealth as well! Remember, I’m all about women building wealth.

It’s time to debunk your crippling beliefs about money and step into clear, immediate, actionable results that attracts more money into your business and stops leaving money on the table.

Are YOU ready to step into the identity of a wealthy woman?

2 payments


  • CFO Toolkit
  • Weekly 60-minute Call with Erinn and Mastermind Group
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • End-of-Program 30-Minute Call with Erinn

One-time payment


  • CFO Toolkit
  • Weekly 60-minute Call with Erinn and Mastermind Group
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • End-of-Program 30-Minute Call with Erinn